One Kiss


One kiss to brighten up your day
one kiss to send you on your way

One kiss to celebrate your smile
one more for your lack of guile

One kiss for everything you do
and a kiss for saying I love you

One kiss glad we have each other
and one that may lead to another

One kiss for work unless instead
you’d rather kiss and stay in bed

(via mikefrawley)

I do.

I think I love you!

The Last Ice Princess

The Last Ice Princess

As told by The Panda
Authenticated by The Sun

In the forest near a small quiet village on the outskirts of Beijing, a baby Panda was born to a lone Momma Panda. On the day she came of age, she was met by the governor. He told her of the royal family that ruled the lands. He informed her that King Ozai was on his death bed and that his dying wish was to see his only daughter, The Panda. The governor told her and Momma Panda they had to leave immediately and that all their questions would be answered at the kings castle.
When The Panda family was reunited, Papa Panda told The Panda he had sent her to safety to protect her from internal strife.

As the castle prepared for The Princess Panda’s coronation, something magical happened. When The Princess Panda held the ball and staff they gave her ice powers! Everything was fine until the fire nation attacked.
It was then that the Ice Princess went back into hiding. And it is in hiding where she would meet Master Splinter. He taught her things that before then had been merely stories. He taught her the life of a ninja. He taught her how to protect herself. Years later, news came that the fire nation took over Arendale.
The Ice Princess was determined to save the city. She went to the Fire Nation Samari Corps (FNSC) as an average Panda. She worked hard to prove her strength and in turn earned the trust of the Samari Lord.

And this is my story…


Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

The Last Ice Princess

As told by the Panda and authenticated by the Sun

Near a small village in the outskirts of Beijing, a baby panda was born to a lonely Mama Panda.
After the baby Panda learned to walk and live independently of her mama panda, the governor found the, now grown, panda. He told her a story

Best boyfriend ever

He knows exactly what to say and when to say it!

The Fuzzy Tree

The fuzzy tree threw a fuzzy leaf at me.

PMS. Check* Pain. Check* Perspective. Check* Please may I have some chocolate and kisses now! The tree is right, stop crying and stand strong like trees do. The rest will blow away in the wind. Let’s go swimming!

Nirvanic peak/plateau

I’ve come to realize many things about my life. As I grow and develop as an individual, I learn. With each new experience